PQube Modular System

Power Quality and Energy Meter
Low cost and high precision - The PQube Modular System

Measure Current, Power, and Energy

Are you interested in measuring current, power, or energy?
If so, you’ll need a PQube current module.
There are three versions; please pick the one that is best for you.

XCT4 – External CTs with current secondary outputs
If you already have CTs (Current Transformers) with current outputs, you can use an XCT4. This module accepts 1-Amp or 5-Amp CT secondaries.
For more information, click here to download PDF

XCT5 - External CTs with voltage secondary outputs If you already have CTs with voltage output, or you purchase them from Power Standards Lab, you can use an XCT5. This module accepts 0.333 Volt, 1 Volt, 5 Volt, or 10 Volt secondaries. This module comes with five current channels, allowing you to measure all three phase currents, neutral current, and earth current simultaneously!

CT4 – Current Sensing Module If you don’t want to use CTs, the CT4 current module might be right for you. This module comes in 20Amp and 100Amp versions and has the CTs built in already. Just pass the conductors through. For more information, see the CT4 Current Module section (page 19).

Remote Communication

ETH1 - Are you interested in any of the following: email, a web server, an FTP server, or Modbus over TCP? If you need any of these features, you need an ETH1 Ethernet module. For more information, see the ETH1 section (page 58).

Power your PQube from 100~240Vac

PS1 - Do you want to power your PQube from 100~240Vac (50/60Hz)? If you have 24~48Vdc or 24Vac, you can use your PQube’s internal power supply (just connect to the power supply screw terminals). If you want to use 100~240Vac, you’ll need an optional PS1 Power supply module.

Measure Temperature and Humidity

TH1 - Do you want to record the temperature and humidity in addition to everything about the electric power? You can use up to two TH1 Temperature/Humidity sensors. Measure the local environment or connect a second sensor with an extension cable and measure the temperature and humidity at two locations simultaneously. Just plug them into your PQube and it will start recording data immediately.

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