Demand and Load Loggings

Demand & Load Loggings – What is it and who needs it?

Power Quality Investigations offers a full service for providing recordings of Maximum Demand and Load Profiles.

Typical instances where this information is necessary are:


  • A commercial or industrial customer is looking to install additional electrical equipment but is unsure what the present maximum loadings are on the main switch-board, or on the relvant sub-board.

  • The main circuit-breaker is experiencing nuisance tripping and it is unknown whether the circuit-breaker is faulty or if the load is exceeding the maximum allowable.

  • The customer has an unbalance of load distribution on the three phases and they need detailed load profile information so that their electrician can undertake the rebalancing necessary.

  • The customer desires load profile information so that they can better understand their electricity usage patterns. Thereby managing their electricity consumption more effectively and by comparing profiles can directly see the benefits of energy efficiency initiatives.

Many commercial and industrial customers pay a Maximum Demand charge as part of their electricity tariff. Yet they do not have information on when the peak demand occurs, nor do they know what equipment or process is contributing to the peak. In short they do not have adequate information to manage the demand charge - which can be significant. A full load profile recording will however provide all the information needed to better manage this cost.

If a customer is considering installing Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment to reduce their demand charges then a load survey will enable the PFC equipment to be correctly sized from the start.

No matter how big or small the job Power Quality Investigations can provide the service you need. From providing a voltage or current profile for a small commercial or industrial customer, through to providing a comprehensive analysis of load profiles and power quality issues for a large industrial customer.
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